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Senior Photography by Personal Touch Photography:


You have invested a lot into your four years of high school, remember those special years with a HS Senior photography session at Personal Touch Photography.


Simple pricing structure: One $50 session fee, and then a-la-carte purchases.  No packages to try to fit into, no minimums to worry about. 


After your photo session at PTP, a reasonable number of proofs will be posted on the internet in a secured area that you will use a name and password to access.  You can share this login information as much or little as you wish.  Most of the time a full session will net 50 or so proofs.  Keep in mind that these proofs are 'proofs' and are not fully adjusted for lighting or color.  Your purchased printed material will be fully adjusted.


Simply e-mail the picture numbers, quantity, size, and any additional inflormation and printed pictures will be available in about 10 days.  It's that simple.


Photography is available in color, black and white, mixed, or with special filters. 


Senior Price List


For more information about your senior session, or to reserve your date please contact me at: 


   James Bird, owner and photographer